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24 years old, BSc in Bio-informatics.

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24 years old, BSc in Bio-informatics.

Whether it's chaotic data, incomplete data or a tool that you want to have developed. You have come to the right address. My specialities include wrestling my way through data and streamlining it or completing it and building tools to visualise your data! Whether it's desktop or web based, with experience in Java and web development I am a well-rounded programmer ready for your challenges!

  • work Work experience
    • airplanemode_active May 2014 - February 2018 Maveller/Mundaka WerkBij B.V.
      Data specialist, application developer.

      In charge of the data and the database, then advanced to programmer. Coded advanced features for a travel website, MongoDB and MeteorJS were used.

    • spa February 2017 - August 2017 Hazera Seeds B.V.
      Bio-informatics intern/summer work: tool development for breeders.

      In charge of developing a tool for breeders. The tool aids breeders in their quest to create new hybrids. Tensorflow, Flask, Pandas, RiotJS and MaterializeCSS were used.

    • local_florist September 2017 - January 2018 KWS Saat SE
      Bio-informatics intern at R&D Data management department.

      Enhancing Galaxy by adding workflows that can visualise pedigree information from a variety of centralised data sources.

    • local_florist February 2018 - Present KWS Saat SE
      Software Developer RD-IT

      Very varied IT work focused on R&D efforts. Maintenance of professional IT infrastructure, which consists of virtual machines, HPC infrastructure and more. Automation of the infrastructure, new developments with Cloud technologies. General internal software development, mainly with a biological background.

  • school Education

    September 2013 - January 2018

    BSc in Bio-informatics, HAN University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen.

    September 2011 - July 2013

    HAVO-diploma/High school diploma, Metameer in Stevensbeek.

    September 2006 - July 2011

    Bilingual education, SG Stevensbeek in Stevensbeek.
  • list Skills
    • local_florist Biology
      • Genomics
        ORFs, Gene Prediction, Next Generation Sequencing, QTLs and SNPs are all familiar to me.
      • Phenomics
        From having handled a large amount of phenotypic data, I know how phenotyping works and with a vast interest in automated phenotyping I am ready to work for the future.
      • Plant Breeding
        Having done an internship at Hazera Seeds in Tuitjenhorn, I have learned how Plant Breeding works. As this was a breeding station, there were only breeders and thus I had and took every opportunity I had to learn from them how plant breeding worked!
    • build Programming
      • BASH
        Experience with creating BASH setup scripts and general data handling with BASH in a professional setting.
      • CSS
        Not an expert in CSS, but I manage to do what I want to do with CSS. Creating a clean looking website with the help of a framework, making everything run smoothly. CSS empowered me to build this website and many more!
      • Java
        Started Java in 2014, object oriented programming is key to success of any large scale application. With my experience in developing both desktop and web API's with Java I am suited for most tasks.
      • JavaScript
        Using JavaScript both for front and backend.
        • Angular
          Professional experience writing Angular code. Unit testing, e2e testing.
        • AngularJS
          Experience with AngularJS on a large project during a semester of Object Oriented Software Engineering. Keys to success were teamwork, design and unit testing. Unit testing a 'lazy loading' AngularJS app is hard to do, but I managed to get the hang of it and got up to 97% test coverage.
        • D3JS
          Professional experience with D3JS for visualisation. Used D3JS to its breaking point by visualising a vast amount of data points.
        • MeteorJS
          Experience with developing in MeteorJS for Maveller. I was the most experienced developer, I had to investigate the power of the framework and apply this, so the other developers could further build the application.
        • NodeJS
          Developed an application further using the Loopback framework for backend development.
        • RiotJS
          Professional experience with RiotJS. The tools were decided by someone else. Riot was pushed to it's limits by loading huge quantities of data, both measured and predicted and visualising this in an appealing and easy to understand way.
      • Perl
        Perl was the first real programming language I learned, I was 16 when I started learning it. This is where I learned Regular Expressions. I have used my knowledge of Perl to develop skills in other languages.
      • PHP
        PHP was the second real programming language I learned. I was 17 when I started learning it, I have since built up a complete Object Oriented framework and I am able to use it to it's fullest extend. Included in this is using Zend framework 2.
      • Python
        Started Python in 2013 at my University of Applied Sciences. Python is a great language for data wrangling! Create a script and run it and push the data from 1 format to the other! On top of that I have experience in Flask and API's using Flask (Blueprint/Flask-Restplus preferred). TensorFlow is also one of my interests that I am developing with Python. Pandas and IPython notebooks are normal for me to use in my data management with Python.
      • Ruby
        Experience using Ruby for Chef. Creating custom cookbooks for IT automation.
      • Rust
        Have applied Rust methods in the browser with WebAssembly.
    • details Other
      • Databases
        • NoSQL
          • Cassandra
            Personally used Cassandra as a test case for a school assignment.
          • MongoDB
            Used MongoDB for Maveller, both front and backend. Including administrating the database.
        • SQL
          • Microsoft Access
            Used a relatively large MS Access database which I queried from Linux systems.
          • MySQL
            Used MySQL and administered a MySQL server for personal use for over 5 years. The installation has corrupted multiple times and I've had to salvage data from it multiple times.
          • PostgreSQL
            Used PostgreSQL for the semester Object Oriented Software Engineering. This was the main database to use after an import was created from Microsoft SQL Server. Professional experience with PostgreSQL is now also present thanks to running and maintaining productive PostgreSQL databases.
          • SQLite
            Used SQLite in multiple projects as small database.
      • Docker
        Usage of Docker mainly for preliminary work for software development purposes.
      • Galaxy
        Professional experience running Galaxy in a high-throughput environment for mission critical and time sensitive analyses.
      • Git
        Multiple years of professional experience using Git. As well as CI/CD pipelines.
      • HPC
        Professional experience running a HPC cluster for internal usage.
      • Infrastructure monitoring
        Experience using Check_MK in a professional setting to monitor infrastructure. Creating custom 'checks' for internal usage.
      • Linux
        Professional experience running Linux in a high-performance infrastructure on top of 7 years of experience with using it personally. Most experienced with Debian based distros.
Summer School of Green Genetics 2016

Participating in the Summer School of Green Genetics in 2016 was great. I loved networking and getting connections to companies in the plant breeding industry. Key parts for me were the bio-informatics course at Bejo Zaden, the excursion to KWS in Nagele and the networking moments at Bejo. I was not experienced with how plant breeding worked before I started the Summer School of Green Genetics and have learned a lot since then.


Having completed a course at Udacity for TensorFlow I have experience using TensorFlow.


Udacity and Google teamed up to offer a course in TensorFlow for free. I have completed this coursed and therefore I am ready to apply my knowledge of TensorFlow to solve large scale issues that require deep learning and neural networks.


You can contact me on the following social media to get in touch with me! Please send me a private message if you want to add me so I know it is not random.